1. Organic Agriculture Promotion Project, May 05 – Sep 07

This project was implemented in three Village Development Committees, located at foothill areas of Kathmandu Valley with financial assistance of World Vision international Nepal, Kathmandu Area Development Program. It was implemented in three different phases starting from 100 household of Ramkot and Bhimdhunga VDCs. By the end of the project, 300 farm households were benefited through different activities like chemical free (organic) vegetable production system, fruit promotion, social mobilization, market network development, demonstration farm development, group mobilization for community development and income generating initiatives. Increased awareness about the ill effects of agrochemicals and adoption of chemical free production technology is the major outcome of the project. Furthermore, significant reduction in use of agrochemicals per unit of land and establishment of self help group and saving and credit activity through the group is the distinguishable outcome.

2. Goat farming for income generation, Dec 05 – Sep 07

In order to reduce the household poverty level of the farming household of rural areas of Bhaktapur district of Nepal, this project was implemented with financial support of World Vision International Nepal, Bhaktapur Area Development Program. By this project, five self help farmers groups were formulated and technology on improved goat farming was provided through training, exposure visit and health campaign with some sort of supports to project participants. Women empowerment, Capitalization of household capitals and Mainstreaming of the women in community development agenda are the major project outcomes.

3. Permaculture promotion program, Chitwan

This program was implemented in Phoolbari VDC of Chitwan district of Nepal in collaboration with Organic Agriculture Producers Cooperative ltd, Phoolbari, Chitwan by using the organization’s internal fund. This program was supported by Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Chitwan, Ecological Service Centre, Chitwan and SEED Tree Nepal, Chitwan. Awareness raising, organic kitchen garden design and management, demonstration farm development and technical support on Permaculture training are the major activities under this program

4. Sustainable Agriculture Initiative, Kathmandu, Jan 07- June 07

This was a very short duration project (pilot project) implemented in Ramkot VDC of Kathmandu District of Nepal in support of GTS Foundation, Germany. By this project, some initiatives like community nursery, cooperative mechanism in agriculture production and marketing, technology transfer on chemical free agriculture production etc were held. Active participation in project activities, positive perception towards principles of sustainable agriculture and increased demand for furthermore extended project activities lead to design and implementation of next project named as Sustainable Agriculture for Livelihood Improvement (SALI) in peri urban area of Kathmandu Valley including the pilot project site.

5. Organic Agriculture Promotion Project, Kathmandu, Feb-Dec-08

This project was implemented in rural but accessible villages of Kathmandu valley namely Ramkot and Bhimdhunga VDCs. This project was partially funded by UNESCO Nepal/ NATCOM Nepal/ Ministry of Education and Sports of Government of Nepal. Awareness raising, group formation, organic kitchen gardening, organic vegetable production, organic soil and pest management, organic mushroom production and Permaculture demonstration farm development were the major activities of the project.

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